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Freelap SEA



Giá thông thường $180.00 SGD
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Freelap radio transponder

Worn by the athlete, FxChip accurately measures time intervals between each transmitters, and automatically sends all timing data to your Relay Coach BLE via radio transmission. Then, your Relay Coach BLE instantly sends it via Bluetooth to your mobile device. Compact, easy to attach, and fully autonomous, it will revolutionize your training.

• Dimensions: 36 x 48 x 14 mm
• Weight: 17 gm
• Technology: Radio transmission
• Compatibility: Relay Coach BLE , Tx Gate Pro, Tx Track Pro, CxUnit with CxFlag, LED Display
• Accuracy: 2/100 second
• Memory: 10 LAPs
• Battery: CR 2032
• Battery life: 2000 hours
• Water resistance: 5ATM
• Operating temperatures: -20°C to +50°C

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