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Freelap SEA

LED Display

LED Display

Giá thông thường $1,450.00 SGD
Giá thông thường Giá ưu đãi $1,450.00 SGD
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Display your chronos live on large screen

This LED screen displays live the ID or name of the athlete who crossed the finish line, and his LAP time. Visible at 50 meters, it lets both coaches, athletes and the public view live the results of the race.This screen is compatible with FxChip BLE and Relay Coach BLE. Times are automatically transmitted to the screen via Bluetooth. The screen comes with tripod, charger and padded carrying case.

• Dimensions: 320 x 160 x 95 mm
• Weight: 3.1 kg (+ tripod 600 gm)
• Display: LED
• Definition: 64 X 16 dots
• Visible at: 50 m
• Compatibility: Relay Coach BLE, FxChip BLE
• Technology: Bluetooth
• Bluetooth detection distance: up to 50 meters
• Battery: 12V 8Ah LiPo
• Battery life: 8 hours
• Water resistance: 3ATM
• Operating temperatures: -20°C to +50°C
• Included: tripod, charger and carrying case

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