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Tx Touch Pro

Tx Touch Pro

Giá thông thường $180.00 SGD
Giá thông thường Giá ưu đãi $180.00 SGD
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Start transmitter designed for block start

Tx Touch Pro is the Freelap transmitter specially designed for block starts. Very easy to use, simply place it on the start line. When the athlete releases the button, the chip timer is triggered instantly with a high accuracy.

Dimensions: Diameter 82 x 10 mm
Weight: 50 gm
• Compatibility: FxChip / FxChip BLE
• Transmitter with 1 code: START
Accuracy: 1/100 of a second
• Detection field: 1.5 meters
• Battery: 3.7V 320mAH LiPo rechargeable battery
• Battery life: 20,000 starts
• Water resistance: IP67
• Operating temperatures: -20°C to +50°C

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